The Wonderer
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What is The Wonderer Charleston?

The Wonderer is a multi-purpose commercial facility, located in downtown Charleston, South Carolina (within the Upper Peninsula district). It includes a private membership club, as well as a premier outdoor event space, known as “The Garden.” In addition to all of its amenities and related programming, The Wonderer plans to maintain an emphasis in three core areas: sustainability, charitable giving and raising awareness for certain issues that adversely affect our greater community.

Where does the name “The Wonderer” come from?

A Wonderer (Wuhn-der-er) is an independent thinker; one who aspires for the highest quality of life by seeking out new opportunities and experiences. Someone who maintains a well-balanced lifestyle and never conforms to societal trends to simply “fit in”. 

What DOES THE MEMBership club offer?

The Wonderer’s Club has been designed to connect like-minded individuals so they can grow both their personal and professional circles, while consolidating a majority of their daily needs. The facility seeks to redefine what it means to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, by offering social, work and wellness amenities in one fully integrated campus. Members can enjoy multiple co-working lounges and leasable conference rooms, a robust fitness & wellness program, as well as a swimming pool (heated and cooled for year-round use), surrounded by chaise lounges, daybeds and premium group cabanas. Also featured, is a full-service restaurant, HUSTLE Smoothie Bar & Wellness Café, as well as several spa treatment services. (See the Private Club section of the website for a complete list of amenities).  


Available to both Club members and the general public, “The Garden” will play host to corporate events, weddings, live music performances, educational seminars and workshops, as well as a variety of additional functions. Delivering a wide array of needs, from food and beverage catering services to audio/visual production and decor rentals, “The Garden” is the perfect place to host your next special occasion of up to 250 seated or 500+ standing guests. (Please note: capacity may vary by the level of rentals and additional infrastructure desired to be incorporated with each event). Certain preferred rates will be offered to Club members. For all new event inquiries, please email




Who is The Wonderer’s ideal member?

Unlike many private clubs, we’re not focused on wealth or status. Instead, we’re seeking the entrepreneurs and creatives, the social connectors and community influencers, the wellness enthusiasts and adventure seekers; those individuals who create positive impact and consistently support all others around them, those who make their personal or professional growth and development a priority, those who strive for a greater work-life balance or those simply looking to connect with other like-minded individuals for the purpose of creating genuine new life-long relationships.


What is the membership process?

All applicants must be 21 or older to apply. For general inquiries about membership, please email or submit a new member application through the Private Club section of the website, so we can get to know you better. Once completed and submitted to Club management for review, we will notify you with the status of your application within 30 days. 


Can I bring guests with me?

Yes. We support members’ ability to spread generosity through their attitude and influence. Members are able to bring guests who appreciate a space that promotes building a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, and all guests must abide by the same Rules & Regulations expected of our members. For a complete explanation of our Guest Policy, please contact or click "Apply for Membership" on the Private Club section of the website to view all Rules and Regulations.


You mention charitable giving as one of your core values. What charities do you support?

Charleston Waterkeeper and Ben’s Friends are two examples of the charitable organizations we support. We respect the work they are doing in their particular areas of focus and strongly believe that supporting the charities that uplift the greater Charleston community is a win-win.



Dress Code Policy

Members and guests are required to wear shirts and shoes while enjoying food or drinks in any of our eateries or the rooftop bar. We also ask that members refrain from wearing clothing with inappropriate language or graphics.  


Cell phone Policy

Electronic devices are allowed in designated “cell-friendly” zones throughout the facility. Please be courteous of your fellow members by not listening to distracting music or having loud telephone conversations while in shared areas. This policy applies to guests of Members as well.


Smoking Policy

Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere on Club property.


Children Policy

It’s not that we’re anti-children, we are just pro-adult/parent. While we do plan to offer some family-friendly events, we are an adults-only, 21 and older club that was created to be a respite from the pressures of ‘adulting.’ We recognize that parents need some time away from the kids, so we’ve consciously created a space where you can unplug from the daily grind and do whatever helps you recharge, whether it be focused on wellness, having a cocktail at the bar or getting some work accomplished, without interruption. 


Animal Policy

Dogs or other pets, (with exception of those assisting persons with disabilities), are not permitted on the pool deck or restaurant or gym. Pet owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets at all times. During pet related events, pets may use the “restroom” in the grass surrounding the parking lot areas and pet owners are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of pet waste.


Resignation Policy

Any member who wishes to resign must first complete one year of membership and give a 60-day written notice. Prior to resigning, all balances must be paid in full. 


Disciplinary Policy

Members, their families and all guests shall abide by the Rules & Regulations of the Club, while they may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary.