At The Wonderer, we believe mental and emotional-focused offerings are essential to a truly comprehensive wellness program, as well as achieving a better overall well-being. For this reason, we have designed a space for members to inhale all the future possibilities, while exhaling the past and any excuses. 

Examples of weekly and monthly programming offered to members include, Guided Meditations, Vinyasa Style Yoga, Breathwork Sessions, Sound Baths, and Cacao Ceremonies.

Biophilic Design 

(bio·phil·ic | \ ˌbī-ō-ˈfi-lik)

Definition: an attempt to reunite indoor and outdoor worlds through sensitive use of natural materials, shapes, colors, scents and sounds.

As a brand that encourages its members to spend more time in the natural world, while prioritizing environmentally-sound practices and a sustainable way of life, choosing a Biophilic design made perfect sense for The Grounds, (our indoor fitness & wellness facility).  Biophilic environments can have a profound impact on human health and well-being. They provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, while improving cognitive function and creativity, as well as promoting physical health and fostering a stronger sense of connection with the natural world. 

The Grounds offers everything from high-oxygenating plants and pathogen-free air filters, lighting synchronized with natural circadian rhythms, a variety of equipment built entirely out of recycled materials and powered by the kinetic energy in our bodies, as well as multi-sensory sound and aromatherapy techniques and much more. We’ve covered just about all that science has to offer in designing a space intended to help the best parts of your physical and mental health fully blossom. 


Sensory Deprivation

Our innovative Zerobody Dry Float experience is a drynon-enclosed method that allows zero gravity flotation over 400L of warm water. By relieving your central nervous system from external stimuli, your mind can perform at its full potential, while your body relaxes and enjoys amplified regeneration. It is considered as one of the most effective anti-stress solutions known, while other benefits include a positive impact on sleep, mood, energy, focus, concentration, circulation, muscle pain, joint pain, and physical recovery.

Additional Offerings

Medical Grade Far Infrared Sauna

Normatec Compression 

Cold Plunge Therapy Tank

Zerobody Dry Float Tank