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Membership FAQ

What is included in The Wonderer membership?

Members of The Wonderer have year-round access to the Club and all associated amenities. This includes access to the Wellness Center during specified hours, yoga classes, and group circuit fitness classes. The Wonderer also hosts monthly Members-only events. Cabanas are available for reservation on a daily or weekly basis for their private use. Members also receive priority and discounted rates for hosting events at The Wonderer.

How big is the pool?

The 2,250 square foot salt filtration pool is available for general water recreation. There is no diving board.  

Is the pool heated?

Yes. The pool is heated from October to April.  

Are families welcome at The Wonderer?

Families are welcome at The Wonderer during specified club hosted events. On a day-to-day basis, The Wonderer is an oasis for adults and parents to decompress and enjoy the company of other adults and parents.  

Is there food and beverage service at the pool?

Yes, there is a full restaurant at the pool and servers can bring food and drink to Members at their lounge chairs or rented cabanas. There is also the option to eat at a table, indoors or out. No outside food or drink, please! 

Is there a dress code?

Members are required to wear shirts and shoes when eating at the indoor restaurant and using the Club facility. Please refrain from wearing shirts that have inappropriate language or graphics.  

Can I use my Iphone, Ipad, or laptop at The Wonderer?

The Wonderer provides wireless access. Electronic devices are allowed throughout the facility. Please be courteous of your fellow member by not listening to distracting music or having loud telephone conversations when in shared areas. This policy applies to guests of Members as well.  

How do I become a member?

Prospective members are nominated for membership by current Wonderer members. Once a prospective member has been nominated for membership, he or she will go through an application process and ethics evaluation. Applications are approved by club management. Prospective members who have not been referred by a member may apply online or call the club Membership Director.

How many memberships are being offered at The Wonderer?

Membership at The Wonderer is limited. The club will invite a select number of Founding Members to join the club, followed by a select number of members in the Friends and Family category. Thereafter, the membership will consist of a Core Group. The total membership is unknown at this time, but, we will monitor the use of the pool, dining room and Club room and will adjust the total number of Memberships based on usage patterns.

Is there an initiation fee?

Yes, there is a one-time lifetime initiation fee to join The Wonderer.  Initiation fees         
Tier 2        $1,000 (Single)     $1,250 (Dual)

What is the annual membership fee?

There are three main levels of Membership: Founding, Friends and Family, and Core.  Each level has an option for Individual or Dual enrollment.

Tier 2 Monthly Fee  $200 (Single)  $275 (Dual)    

Is there a minimum to how long I must be a member?

Yes. All memberships have a one-year commitment.

Is there a food and beverage minimum?

The club does not currently have a food and beverage minimum. 

What is the guest policy?

Guests will be admitted to the pool only when accompanied by a Member and after registration at the Front Desk and payment of the appropriate guest fee.  Each guest is limited to the amount of times he or she can be a club pool guest.  Current pool guest fees are $25 per day per guest.  

While the Wonderer is intended primarily for use by our paid Membership, we are fully aware that many Members wish to share the Wonderer experience with family and friends who are not Members.  Some of these individuals may even be on our waiting list.  While current policy limits the number of times an individual or family may be invited as a pool guest, there is no limit as to how many times a guest can dine with a member.  Guests are encouraged to attend club events when accompanied by a member.  Please note that the club will monitor guest attendance at events.  The stability of the club comes from membership growth, therefore, the pool and event policy is intended for guests to experience the club, enjoy the experience, and join the club.

Is the membership transferable?

Membership is not transferable.

What is the resignation policy?

Any member who wishes to resign must complete one year of membership and give a 60-day written notice.  Prior to resigning, all balances must be paid in full.

Is there a pet policy?

Yes.  Pets are not permitted on property unless required for handicap purposes.  The club may host pet-friendly events from time to time.

How do Fitness Classes get charged?  And can I bring a guest?

Through the course of the year, the club will host several group fitness classes and provide an option for personal training.  Some classes will be included in the membership, while others may have a fee.  All fees can be charged onto your club account.  Guests attending fitness classes will pay a $25 guest fee.


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